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Lighthouse Safety, LLC offers the most comprehensive OSHA compliance programs and safety training in Jacksonville, FL. As the most...
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We offer comprehensive residential construction safety programs for all Jacksonville, FL home projects.

Welcome to Lighthouse Safety, LLC

Lighthouse Safety LLC is the most experienced OSHA Consultant in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Our President, Mr. Lasavage is a retired Federal OSHA Compliance Officer. We offer the most complete customized safety programs for our clients. From being a Federal OSHA Compliance Officer and inspecting job sites and workplaces, Mr. Lasavage knows the proper elements and procedures needed in a safety program to satisfy the Federal requirements. We also know how to defend our clients against OSHA and their sizeable citations. We also can also make recommendations to assist with the reduction of your workmen’s compensation rates. We can save your company money!

At Lighthouse Safety LLC, we are passionate about saving lives and preventing injuries and we believe in educating our clients so they can provide a workplace that is free from recognized hazards. We also work towards creating a workplace that promotes safety & health. It is our policy to consider each safety violation to be a hazard that will affect countless lives. Also, any size OSHA violation will diminish your company’s financial resources.

We offer the best residential and commercial safety programs as required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, (OSHA). We conduct safety auditing and workplace evaluations for all general industries, residential, commercial construction projects, aviation and manufacturing. We also offer specific training for the workplaces.

If you were or are being inspected by OSHA and/or receive citations we can offer immediate support by acting as your representative to work with OSHA to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Mr. Lasavage was a mediator for OSHA and knows what it takes to satisfy the inspection requirements. We will help in resolving all the violations as cited by OSHA. We will also help bring your company into compliance with the current OSHA regulations.

Call us at Lighthouse Safety, LLC for a complete evaluation of the safety & health of your workplace. We are the most experienced OSHA Compliance Consultants in Jacksonville, FL and the surroundings areas. If you have questions we have answers.