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Lighthouse Safety, LLC is an experienced OSHA compliance company. It is comprised of consultants and trainers. We provide high-quality OSHA compliance assistance and training. We believe in educating employers and employees so they are familiar with all aspects of safety in their workplaces.

Our specialized OSHA training is given in Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding region. We have a wide variety of clients in our region. Our President has been in the safety business for over 30 years and retired as a Federal OSHA Compliance Officer. While working for OSHA he did hundreds of commercial, residential and construction inspections. He now has the opportunity to share his Safety & Health expertise with his clients. Knowledge is power.

The President was also on active duty and reserve status, totaling over 35 years of military experience. He specialized in ground safety aviation, construction and general industry. Now that he has left OSHA and the military, his aim is to preserve life and material resources by working together with employers to provide a safer tomorrow.

We at Lighthouse Safety LLC take safety very seriously and asking us to overlook a simple safety violation will be like asking us to compromise our entire attitude towards the value of your life. Our President, Peter Lasavage has seen too many needless fatalities to turn a blind eye to safety. Because of this it is our passion to help create a workplace that is free from recognized hazards and that promotes safety and health.

Our professional evaluation service and training at Lighthouse Safety, LLC will help you in creating a safe workplace that satisfies all OSHA compliance programs. Choose us as your OSHA compliance consultant for OSHA compliance auditing, safety training and programs. We consider it an honor and privilege to serve our clients.