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Residential construction projects make up almost half of all construction programs in the US. At Lighthouse Safety, LLC, we are dedicated to offering the best residential construction safety programs for both construction companies as well as homeowners in Jacksonville, FL.

OSHA safety compliance programs are aimed at improving the safety standards for all types of residential construction and remodeling projects. The regulations and safety guidelines for residential projects are slightly different from commercial projects, and it is imperative for companies and homeowners to understand these primary differences.

OSHA will perform random and surprise inspections on residential projects, and OSHA has been known to slap penalties to the tune of millions of dollars on both construction companies as well as home owners. At Lighthouse Safety, LLC, it is our priority to help construction companies and homeowners to deal with any surprise OSHA inspections by ensuring that their worksites conform to all the residential construction safety programs.

We can also offer specialized safety compliance training for homeowners that helps in avoiding hefty fines for their own home remodeling projects. We work with all types of clients, immaterial of the size of the project, as we believe it is our responsibility to improve the safety standards for all residential projects.

Our residential construction safety programs are designed to imitate the real OSHA inspection process to find out real life hazards and potential violations. Contact us at Lighthouse Safety, LLC, to have us perform a comprehensive evaluation to assess whether your worksite conforms to OSHA residential construction safety programs in Jacksonville, FL.